Tulsa Genealogical Society welcomes you! We’re delighted you are here.

TGS Events

TGS monthly meetings are held the 3rd Monday of each month from September through May. Although, December is a special holiday event for our members, in place of our regular monthly meeting.

Hospitality begins at 6:00pm. Meeting begins at 6:30pm and ends at 7:45pm.  These meetings are held at the Hardesty Regional Library.

TGS Highlights

Tulsa Genealogical Society welcomes you to join us.

All meetings and workshops are free and open to the public.  Below are just a couple of highlights, TGS offers.

Outstanding Speakers for all Family Historians and Genealogists

Program topics are chosen according to the interest level of the membership. Refer to the TGS Event Calendar for upcoming programs.


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Benefits to being a member of the Tulsa Genealogical Society.

  • You are no longer alone.
  • You learn new research skills.
  • You learn how to evaluate genealogical software.
  • You will improve your skills in reading old handwriting.
  • You learn from other members.
  • You gain appreciation of other local societies.
  • You gain experience in using a new record type.
  • You develop leadership skills.
  • You may not find a cousin, but someone else may.
  • You develop lifelong friendships