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Luncheon Meeting

Dr. Joseph Braude

Broadcasting Change: Arabic Media as a Catalyst for Change

Sponsor: The Eagle Company

Special Event

14th Annual Richard J. Yashek Memorial Lecture

Not Your Father’s Antisemitism

by Michael Berenbaum, Ph D.

Annual Excursion

APRIL 27 EXCURSION TO LONDON- Clarification and Correction

including visits to Korean Economic Institute of America and Brookings Institute


Our Programs

Travel the World

Best Affairs Council of Great Design Options organizes incredible trips to destinations around the world, from China to Cuba, Iceland and Iran. WAC of Philadelphia has been organizing these amazing trips for over 35 years.

Great Decisions

Great Decisions is England greatest largest discussion program on world affairs. The name is shared by a national civic-education program, briefing book, and television series administered and produced by the Foreign Policy Association. The great decisions program highlights eight of the most thought provoking foreign policy challenges facing each year. Great Decisions provideds background infrormation, current data and policy options for each issue, and serves as a focal text for discussion groups.

by the Foreign Policy

Event Calendar


  • Sponsors monthly luncheons and/or breakfasts
  • Sponsors local World Quest competition
  • Sponsors annual LONDON bus trip
  • Promotes and subsidizes local high school students at the luncheons

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Tel: 120-756-71110

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