Volunteer Opportunities
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The Tulsa Genealogical Society is staffed entirely by volunteers. There are many opportunities available from active involvement to just a few times per year. Volunteering for TGS aslo allows you to meet and network with others who share your "passion" for genealogy.

Faithful and consistent attendance at regular meetings is definitely supportive of the organization and to be commended. However, by not serving on a committee, you are shortchanging yourself. You are not getting the full benefit of your membership.

Serving on one (or more) of the various committees within the society not only helps you increase your own personal knowledge, it also helps increase your enjoyment of TGS. It gives you more of a sense of "ownership" of the organization. Whether you can volunteer on a regular basis or just on certain projects, we have a place for you! Some positions may require some training and it will be provided to you.

Please check the list of committee opportunities below:

  • Computer Data Entry - entering data for current reseach projects.

  • Program Planning - identifing areas of interest and speakers for general meetings and/or Special Programs, i.e. Mini-Workshops.

  • Proofreading - Verifying data entry for various projects.

  • General Office Work - Organizing, taking inventory, answering phones, greeting guests, etc.

  • Ways and Means - assisting with fund-raising events.

  • Writing for Publications - Writing book reviews and articles for the Society's Tulsa Annals.

  • Publicity/Advertising - Helping to create press releases, promote events and contact media.

  • Genealogical Research - Assisting with requests for look-ups of individual items.

  • Publication Production - Assisting with the production, printing and distribution of Society publications.

  • Hospitality - Meeting and Event Greeters, Refreshments, Decorations.

  • Communications - Telephone/e-mail notices, mailing assistance

If you see a place you can serve, please contact us at 918-814-1258 or email our Membership Chair. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

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