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Shared Treasures

Many of us have acquired over the years family heirlooms, interesting records or photos discovered through our genealogical journeys or we just have interesting stories we would like to share. We invite the membership to share their discoveries through scans or photographs. If you have an item or document which you would enjoy sharing with others, please contact the webmaster and it will be posted for all to enjoy. Information needed about your item includes what the item is, its use and how it was acquired. Any other interesting information you would like to add is encouraged.


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Submitted by: Beverly Weldon

Antique Secretart This is a picture of an Antique Secretary which has been passed down through several generations on my father's side of the family tree. It was originally owned by my 2nd Great-Grandmother, Emma Jane Carnley Powell and husband, Thomas Henry Powell. Jane presented it as a wedding present in 1887 to Calvin Roe, her son, and Cinthia M. Palmer Powell, my Great-Grandfather and Great-Grandmother. It was then passed down to my paternal grandmother, Rena Powell Spencer. My father, Thomas Austin Spencer, Jr. received it upon my grandmother's death in 1971. I received the secretary in 1994 upon my father's death. During the time my grandmother had the secretary, she began collecting elephants and used the secretary as a showcase. When she died the collection was divided among 5 grandchildren. I have continued to expand my share of the collection and keep them in the Secretary as my grandmother did. The Secretary still has the original glass in the doors and original handles and knobs and original key for the upper portion. Inside the roll top, there are places to store paper and envelopes for writing and there is a pull-out shelf on which to write. I had it evaluated after receiving it and was told it was a hand-made piece of furniture as it has several variations of the designs used. It is at least 125 years old but possibly 130 to 140 years.



Submitted by: Dorothy Becknell

 dagaerrotype This picture was taken about 1860 in Danville, MO. This is my great great grandmother, Jane Shelton McConnell Hughes (wife of Elliott McNeil Hughes m. 1836 Morgan, IL) born 1810 in Paris, Kentucky and died and buried in Danville, MO, 1876. These are two of her 9 children; my 3rd great aunt Susan Cora Hughes b. Troy, MO 1843, (m. 1868 Albert Gallatin Jones, MD), died and buried 1909 Kingston, MO( and my 3rd great uncle Arnold b. Danville, MO 1854, (m. 1878 Moweaqua, IL to Elizabeth Day Hudson), died and buried 1922 Wichita, KS.

This dagaerrotype was sent to me by an antique dealer who purchased a box of things in IL and this was in it. On the inside of the picture were the names and date of the picture. She found my ancestry on rootsweb, contacted me and sent the picture for postage. Susan and famuly lived in Pike County, IL many years and that is where the picture was found. The family evidently did not know you could open the picture as that is where the information was. The antique dealer told me she did genealogy also and lucky me, she found the names on my site.


Submitted by: Mary Craig

How I Became a "Brooks"
No wonder it is difficult to find your ancestors
Story Submitted by Beverly Weldon

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