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From Our President

September, 2011

This past year was a very busy and productive year for TGS including membership meetings, fund-raisers,General Interest Programs and Mini Workshops thanks to the organization skills of the TGS Board and Chair persons.

A special thanks to Janet Cottrell who teaches the Beginner’s Genealogy Class each month.

Betty Trinka
, TGS 2nd Vice President and Program Chair, invited and presented the following program speakers: Kathy Huber, Liz Walker, Renee Harvey, Michael Haugh, Barbara Fulton, Jay Lamb and Janice Meredith.

Terri Walker
, Special Programs Chair, planned six (6) outstanding Mini Workshops beginning in January through June. We had the following speakers: Peggy Blodgett, Barbara Meehan, Janet Cottrell, Laura Martin, Steve King and Kathy Huber.

TGS Treasurer, Paul Smith reported that our income and expenses were level for this past year, due to our fall fundraiser, Chili Tasting Contest, the Mini Workshops, our spring fund raiser, the Annual Book Sale and our summer fundraiser, Just Desserts.

Congratulations to Mary Craig, Publications Chair, for her work with the publications Committee. They transcribed and published volumes 4 and 5 of the Tulsa County Divorce Court Journals. Thanks to Jae Jaeger for her work in publishing the Tulsa Annals.

Also, thanks to Bill & Johanna Graham for their work as Society Researchers; Dorothy Becknell for all of her work of the TGS website and to Gloria Fortney for her work as Office Manager & Historian.

"Thank you” goes to Janice Meredith, TGS Librarian and Linda Brown, Assistant Librarian, for their work in keeping the library organized and coordinated. A huge “thank you” to the groups of library volunteers and transcribers who donate their time and genealogical skills to make sure the library and research materials are available to members as well as visitors.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to our 2nd Vice President and Promotion & Publicity Chair, Beverly Weldon, as she continues to recover from a major medical procedure she had this summer. We appreciate Dorothy Becknell and Jenise Brantley for stepping in to create and send out fliers for the upcoming meetings until Beverly can return.

Last, but not least, thanks go to You, the membership, whose participation and support of the society’s programs and events this past year have enabled us to have a great Tulsa Genealogy Society.

Ron Hardy,

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