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Mystery Treasures


From time to time TGS members have found or purchased photos and momentos (family heirlooms) that they couldn't leave where they were – whether it was the antique shop, estate sales or the local library's book exchange room. These items are often shared with the society and we post them here so they can be discovered.


We want to share these treasures with genealogists associated with the family. If you recognize a photo of your family, contact our TGS researcher and provide details of how you are related to the item. We will make arrangements to send the item to you.


This photo was discovered in a garage sale in the Tulsa area and is very simply framed. On the back of the photo is noted "J Bren". Also noted, "frame $1.25". We do not know if Bren is the name of the family but quite possibly it is. Our initial research does indicate a family by that name in Oskosh during the time period suggested below. The portrait was taken in Oskosh, Wisconsin around 1910. The photographer was Tobias Luck who was in Oskosh from around 1889 to 1920. The name of the studio was Luck Photography and has a horseshoe in it's logo.


Submitted by: Sarah Holt

Bibles These books were discovered in a book sale. There are two Holy Bibles, A New Testament, Philosophy of Creation and a book entitled Safe Methods of Business. The books seem to have belonged to a family named Newcomb as there are several members of the family listed. Some names included are: E.B. Newcomb, evidently a C.R.I.&P train engineer in 1877; Mrs. Clara Newcomb; Evanda B. Newcomb, and E.V. Newcomb. The family's residence might have been in Trenton, MO or Leavenworth, KS. Attempts have been made to locate the family but have not been successful so far.

Submitted by: Linda Quinn

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