Tulsa County District Court Divorce Index
published by the Tulsa Genealogical Society

Tulsa Genealogical Society has over three hundred court journals beginning with statehood (1907) at our library and these books are the source of the information given. Included in the journas are criminal, civil, divorce, rights of majority cases and any other cases coming before the judge of the District Court in Tulsa County, Oklahoma. Journal dates overlap since the journals are from the proceedings of various judges.

Volume 1 Journals 1-4 and 6-15 (Nov 1907-Jan 1921) (Journal 5 is missing)
Volume 2 Journals 16-20 (Feb 1918 - Jan 1922)
Volume 3 Journals 21-38 (Jun 1921 - Dec 1923)
Volume 4 Journals 38 - 46 (1923 - 1925)
Volume 5 Journals 47 - 54 (1924 - 1926)
 (New in 2012) Volume 6 Journals 55 - 60 (1926 - 1927)

In addition to the published volumes listed above, this index includes Superior Court Journal 2 (Oct. 1913 - Oct. 1914) and pre-statehood Indian Territory Journal 18 (Oct. 1904 - May 1905).

The index includes the Journal number, page number, plaintiff and defendant's names. Please contact the research committee for further information or if you would like copies of the pages in the journal.

Names are sometimes entered multiple times. The case may come to court many times before and after the final decree of divorce. The first court date may be for a restraining order to prevent money from being withdrawn from a joint bank account, from selling jointly owned property, preventing harassment of plaintiff, children or other relatives, or their business or their employees. The plaintiff usually needed temporary alimony, support for children and money to pay the attorney. In the later journals, the couple may come to court with the property settlement already decided and present it to the court. Sometimes a referee will be appointed to help settle the property. A cross petition may be filed by the defendant against the plaintiff.

There are a few cases of appeal to bring them back into court after the final decree. The plaintiff may have to appear in court again for a contempt citation if the defendant fails to pay alimony, support of the children or property settlement. These appeals may cover many years and may be appealed to the Supreme Court. In a few cases, the defendant is sent to jail until payments are made. Many times the payments would then be made through the court. There will also be requests to modify or amend parts of the decree, such as visitation, custody or support payments for the chidlen and alimony payments.

Because the books are fragile, we will only make a digital photo of any pages. Please specify the pages you want photographed. If you would like additional information we have extracted with the case number, send your request to our research committee on this website or contact us to place an order.

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To use the indices click the section which would include the surname being researched.

Index for Volumes 1-3
A - D
E - G
H - N
O - R
S - Z
Index for Volume 4
A - I
J - S
T - Z
Index for Volume 5
A - I
J - S
T - Z
Index for Volume 6
A - I
J - S
T - Z

These indices were done in the hopes of making your search easier and more productive. It would not have been possible without the steady work of a number of persons. The hours of extracting, proofing and preparation of material for publication has earned the gratitude of many readers who are seeking family information. We extend our "thanks" to Linda Talbott Brown, Mary Craig (Publications Chair), Arlene C. Huerter Crawford, Fay Rene Irwin Hanks, Ron Hardy, Betty Trinka and Beverly Weldon.

What you can find in the Journals about Divorces
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